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ALPOLIC™ Non-Combustible Cladding Australia

Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1


The gold standard in DtS non-combustible cladding: Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1

Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC (DtS Non-Combustible) is a fire-safe, fully compliant, aluminium composite cladding. It is composed of a non-combustible mineral core containing zero polyethylene, making it far superior to other aluminium cladding alternatives on the market.

Like all ALPOLIC™ products, Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC is easy to process and shape, weather resistant, impact resistant and has superior flatness. The front side is colour-coated with the high-quality fluoropolymer resin Lumiflon FEVE, making it highly resistant to weathering, UV radiation, corrosion and colour fading.

World-class safety rating

Scientifically proven to be the safest aluminium facade product in real life fire tests around the world, Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC was introduced solely for the Australian construction market, and has the best possible safety rating with the Insurance Council of Australia. It is particularly recommended for building projects where a very high level of fire protection or the use of non-combustible facade materials is required – for example high-rise buildings or special buildings such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes etc.

The sustainable cladding choice

Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 also receives the tick of approval on sustainability, which is evident in Mitsubishi’s successful registration of its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which has been produced by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). This EPD should be a major ongoing factor when specifying sustainable facades on reclads or new builds that are serious about sustainability and the environment.

Versatile application

Because Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is an industry leader in fire-safe, durable aluminium composite cladding, it performs well across a range of design applications, from corporate offices to residential towers, community and entertainment venues, and educational centres. See examples of Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 in action here.

20-year full replacement warranty

Even though it has been rigorously tested for durability and safety, Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is also the only aluminium composite facade product in Australia to come standard with a 20-year full replacement warranty that covers material, labour and rectification costs for faulty material that is backed by the manufacturer. The warranty has no maintenance clauses for cleaning.

ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 introduction video

ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 colour selections

Your façade doesn’t need to be boring we have a range of colours to suit any design or style. With an industry leading selection of colours and finishes, you’re sure to find something that will make a statement on your next project. The extensive palette includes Solid, Sparkling, Timber Pattern, Metallic and Prismatic colours, each of which provides a unique sheen that can be used to create stunning designs. If you can’t find the colour you are after we also offer the ability to colour match to suit your building project with quick turnaround time for samples.

Metallic colours
These Metallic Colours are perfect to make a statement for any project! From a cool grey tone to warm earth inspired colours, they will add a touch of elegance that’s sure to make an impression. The shimmery finish will add a unique depth to your home design. Whether you want to add a subtle hint of sparkle or a dramatic effect, these Metallic Colours are the perfect choice.
Sparkling colours
This range of 5 sparkling colours is perfect for a contemporary design that will add a unique and modern touch to your project. The cool undertones will give your design a refreshing look, and the flexibility to use your imagination with the shape and form of the design will ensure you get the perfect outcome. With this range of colours, you can be sure that your project will be truly one of a kind!
Prismatic series
If you’re looking for a unique finish to bring your project to life, then you must check out the Prismatic Series. With dazzling finishes and stunning colours derived from natural golds and gemstones such as pearl, citrine, amethyst, emerald and golds, this finish has to be seen to be believed. Not only will it stimulate your creativity, but this finish will bring an unmistakable sense of sophistication and luxury to your project. So don’t wait any longer, give your project the unique finish it deserves with the Prismatic Series.
Solid colours
With a wide variety of solid colours that are perfect for any project. From rich and warm hues to cool and muted tones, you will be sure to find a colour that fits your unique vision. Our solid colours come in a range of finishes, and can be used to create a statement, complement existing building materials, or simply add a touch of colour to your project. With our large selection of solid colours, you are sure to find the perfect shade to bring your project to life.
Timber series
The ALPOLIC Timber Series is a great choice for anyone looking to achieve a timber-style aesthetic without the hassle of maintenance. With a range of realistic-looking timbers, including mahogany, maple, teak, walnut, and even bamboo, this composite aluminium cladding material ensures that your design will be beautiful and will work well with alternate building materials. Additionally, its suitability for both interior and exterior applications gives you the flexibility to create an indoor-outdoor living space that will look great and last. With this cladding, you can enjoy the beauty of timber without having to worry about upkeep, giving you more time to appreciate your stunning home.

Download a colour chart

For more colour advice please, we have a team of Architectural experts that can help with your colour selection on your next project.

National Accredited Fabricators program

When considering using the fully compliant Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC on your next project we only recommend using a well-trained, competent and Accredited Fabricator to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

Fabricators are a critical link in the chain as they are responsible for turning an architect’s vision into reality. This is why Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC can only be fabricated by our list of National Accredited Fabricators.

Network Architectural along with Mitsubishi only engage highly skilled fabricators that:

  • Understand material capabilities
  • Have a proven track record
  • Understand and value what an architect is trying to achieve

Using one of our Accredited Fabricators also ensures they have the skillset to deliver the highest quality outcome to our Accredited Fabricator Program and ensure a best-in-class result for your project.

So, to achieve a fully warranted and professional installation of Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC, contact us for an accredited fabricator that will be best suited to your application.


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