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28 September 2023

Sustainable Design Considerations and Material Selection

The facade can account for up to 30% of a building’s embodied carbon footprint. In the face of climate change, future facades will need to not only deliver iconic aesthetics and weather protection but also drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the structure throughout its entire life cycle. Specifying sustainable facade materials is a crucial first step in accomplishing this objective.


Bringing the bespoke architectural ceiling for Victoria Cross Metro Station to life

Learn what’s involved in creating and designing the bespoke metal ceiling for the Sydney Metro Victoria Cross Station to deliver a seamless and integrated ceiling system fit for this innovative transport hub.


8 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Bonded Laminates 

Make an informed decision when selecting bonded laminates for your cladding project. Here’s a comprehensive checklist of 8 key factors you need to consider.


Kaiteki is so much more than just a word: Q&A with Mr Hee Kok Koon of Mitsubishi Chemical Singapore

Kaiteki is not just a word, it’s a spirit and a philosophy that we live by every day and that guides us in working towards making our future world a better place.


8 factors when choosing the right Aluminium Cladding Material for your building

A checklist of various factors Strata Managers must consider when choosing the right aluminium cladding material for their building.


Recladding a Building: 8 factors Strata Managers should consider before starting the process

A comprehensive list of key factors Strata Managers need to consider before recladding a building to achieve excellent long-term results.


A warranty for sustainability: ALPOLIC™ NC/A1

When Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 was released in Australia four years ago, it immediately became a game changer in the non-combustible cladding space. Designed and manufactured specifically for the Australian market by Mitsubishi in close collaboration with Network Architectural, the product set new standards when it comes to quality and life expectancy.


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