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Marr Street Apartments Reclad

Marr Street Apartments Reclad

Structures in coastal hubs need special consideration when it comes to façade design, choosing materials that will not only assure compliance but also minimise maintenance from environmental factors. For this building on Marr Street in Wollongong, NSW, Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 (DtS non-combustible) cladding was selected to upgrade the façade. A fire-safe and fully compliant aluminium composite cladding, ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is ideal for harsh Australian weather conditions. The front side of the cladding is coated in the fluoropolymer resin Lumiflon FEVE, which means it boasts high resistance to UV radiation, colour fading, corrosion and other environmental factors. The Medium Gray Metallic shade gives the façade a distinctive modern look.

Fire safety is critical for high-rise buildings such as this, and ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 delivers. As the name suggests, ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is composed of a non-combustible mineral core containing zero polyethylene. It’s also the world’s safest aluminium facade product, currently the only composite material to be recognised in the highest fire protection class A1 according to European fire protection standard.


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Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 in Medium Grey Metallic

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