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Suspended Ceiling Systems Save the Day for Fairvale High School

With Fairvale High School announced as one of ten NSW Ambassador Schools based on academic performance in 2022, it was also fitting for the high-performance durlum suspended ceiling system to be part of the school upgrade. Sleek and beautiful, the ceilings contribute to the modern school’s future-focused learning and playing environment.

A problem threatened to stall the building project when it was discovered that the nominated ceiling, approved by architect Collard Maxwell Architects (CMA), would not satisfy the conditional warranty for the school’s covered outdoor learning area (COLA). Knowing that our modern durlum metal ceiling range would meet all requirements, Installers Sydney Interiors recommended us for the job. As the only supplier of durlum ceiling products in Australia, Network Architectural has worked with Sydney Interiors on a range of commercial fit-out and refurbishment projects. Their experience and knowledge have often prevented common hiccups from occurring at building sites, thus avoiding and compounding delays.

“We knew the durlum team at Network Architectural would deliver. They know the building industry inside and out,” said Tony Milicevic, Project Coordinator for Sydney Interiors. “We also knew they would slot into the project because the builders used a Rondo subframe, which is common at many work sites these days. They helped us avoid delays from waiting for materials arriving from overseas.”

Fairvale High School’s architect CMA approved the durlum S7 rail channel system with double-hook (1200×600) rectangular panels because they fitted the design aesthetic whilst also incorporating storm clips to protect the ceiling against both uplift (wind) and ball impact. Fire-safe and fully compliant, the aluminium ceiling panel material is non-combustible and designed to incorporate acoustic materials to provide for the required NRC level nominated by architect specifications.

The rectangular metal panels hide the framing and substructure whilst also concealing service channels. They also add the capacity to accommodate daylight lighting systems. The sleek finish of the final product belies the complexity lying beneath the surface. Functionally effortless, the framing, installed early, gave other trades access to complete their work prior to the final installation of panels.



The durlum suspended ceiling system not only met the architect’s design brief but allowed it to progress with the building process without delay due to the integration of the durlum system with the Rondo subframe, this resulted in time savings.

Network Architectural is a proud supplier of this exclusive product. Its innovative design flexibility brings even the most complex and challenging projects to life. Versatile and sleek, durlum suspended ceiling systems have been used in airports, railway stations and shopping centres, office buildings, schools and outdoor structures both in Australia and internationally. It is the safer ceiling choice, favoured for its strength and for meeting the highest Australian safety standards and building codes. The powder coated finish provides resistance to water damage, mould, and mildew, making the ceilings easier to clean, which significantly reduced building maintenance and operational costs.

The durlum metal ceiling range is available in an array of colours, textures, perforations and finishes, and may be mixed and matched to meet any design aesthetic. The integrated ceiling-lighting solutions can be highly practical or configured to highlight design features and create ambience and a sense of space.

Whatever the design timeline, technical requirements and budget, the durlum and Network Architectural support team offer professional advice, detailed design concepts, and thorough project management.

See examples of designs here or download our latest project brochure, then get in touch. We have so much to offer on your next building project and can’t wait to get on the job and help you bring your vision to life.


durlum S7 rail channel system


Health care, aged care, specialist facilities
18 April 2023

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